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I don't really fancy websites on free hosting platforms.

Me neither - there is nothing in life free and I would not trust a free hosting platform due to lack of controlling certain features or aspects, especially security.

I can understand your concerns, however Weebly has a PR of 8, and I have been using their services for years, with no issues.

If you checked out their system you would know that you have full control even down to the css and html programing of the website.

All I can say is that I have been very happy with the service offered by weebly.

Each to their own I guess.

WOW, I am really shocked that Fred or another one of the Moderators has not removed this post or AT least the links in it. This certainly can not be any spammier (if there is such a word). :|

Dude now a days nothing is out of cost and i damn sure free advertising forum must have some hidden costs.

I am quite surprised that this thread has created such a stir on your forum.

Articlewriter1 I do you consider this post spam. I have done my days of spam, especially in the past with email with some previous online businesses I was involved in. It almost got me banned from using the internet in my country. the only reason I posted on this forum was because after googling "free advertising forum" this is a site that was listed in the rankings. If there is an issue with my post I can remove it. There are millions of other sites I can advertise on.

To answer Pausch, the only cost has been been my time, which I have invested a lot of to get this site going. I have however not spent a single dime on this site, for advertising, hosting or design. If you read the about section on the forum you will see why that is.

Seeing as this has created a topic of conversation on your forum, may I ask your opinion on the site?

Good stuff to getting Visitors thanks for sharing :)

I'm new to this game. Is free advertising any good? Does free advertising on different websites actually pay off? What sits would you recommend for free adveritising.

Hi Play time online

Yes free advertising works, I have only marketed the Free Business Advertising Forum with free marketing methods. In the 3 weeks that Forum has been online it has had 1600 visits and 4300 page views across all pages according to Google Analytics. The only draw back with free advertising is that you spend your time and not your money.

I have a load of sites available on the forum where you can get free advertising. Just google "Free Business Advertising Forum" and you should find my site or an ad pointing to my site.

If there is anything I can do to help then let me know.

I'm new to this game. Is free advertising any good? Does free advertising on different websites actually pay off? What sits would you recommend for free adveritising.

There is no free lunch
There must be some hidden purpose

There is a purpose. If I can get a busy forum and have it well indexed by the search engines, then I get to reap the benefits of free organic traffic from the search engines and have my list grow, my ads seen by millions and build up my internet businesses to greater heights. All the while helping others by offering a free service.

The benefits are the same to the members of the forum who also stand to have their ads seen by millions as well.

However I have not spent a dime on building the site or getting it advertised. So I have gotten a free lunch with this site.

Dr Shaun Hutchinson

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Yes, free advertising works if you work in the right place.

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