Hi guys,

I recently just built my first computer that I bought bundled on newegg and I must say, it was really fun building it. This computer is using a Phenom II Six-Core processor Black Edition(3.2 Ghz) mounted on the ASUS M4A88T-M LE motherboard that supports crossfire. Running on 8 gb of RAM and also running a 450w PSU that came with the Rosewill case/chassis.

My question is, what is the best graphic/video card that I can run on this 450w PSU, I prefer ATI cards since my motherboard seems to work well with ATI cards or at least what it says on the website and manual. I need some suggestions, I'm not going to be in hardcore gaming or anything, but something that can perform pretty well with current games or even online gaming (which is what I do most). If you guys can help me that would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

UPDATE: My Asus motherboard has integrated ATI Radeon 4250 HD, I know crossfire needs a bigger PSU, but how does crossfire work and do I need to use it?

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Usually I would go for Nvidia because of it's performance but if you're not a hardcore gamer, ATI card might be doing just fine.

About crossfire, I'm not really sure how it work. Might as well wait for other volunteer to explain it to you and help you out...

I also like nVidia hardware, but the 4250 is not a bad GPU. See how it works for you. If you decide later to upgrade to a faster graphics card, then you will also probably want to upgrade your power supply to 750W.

I like to cast my vote too:)
Nvidia has very good graphics performace so that would be my recommended choice to you.

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