I think it would be interesting to see what appeals to most across this forum in terms of desktop wallpapers :)

My current: As im a rediculous cat lover.


a ridiculous cat lover? if you consider having about on the same level as having a girlfriend/wife ... I'm really scared to finding out how much you actually do love your cat :D

Haha, girlfriends seem to leave you, my cat hasn't yet :)

I donĀ“t want to create any copyright or advertising problems here, but if you want reeeeeally cool wallpapers, check out www.despair.com demotivators, hehehehehe...

At least his girlfriends don't leave hairballs on the floor for him to find with his bare feet at 3 AM in the dark (gross).

Haha Rev, my cat isnt bad for that to be honest, just leaving fluff everywhere.

One of my cats is a Himalayan. I'm sure her fur will still be floating in the air long after she is gone. Our last dog died almost a year ago and we are still vacuuming his fur out of the carpet.

Hehe im not exactly sure what mine is buT her furr is Stupidly fluffy :)