I have a copy of Visual Studio 6.0 just sitting in a box in my desk at home and have not used it for several years now because its too old. Any ideas how to make something useful with it or what to do with it, except toss it in the trash bin? AFAIK it would not be legal to sell it on eBay or CraigsList.

put it in a frame at a slight angle and call it Art...

Personally, I'd watch it burn ;)

You should be able to figure out if it is NFR or not. If you bought it, you should be able to sell it, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Perhaps this is an option.

or you can give the kids a new "puzzle" :)

I'd hold on to it. You never know when you might be asked to work on a legacy project that requires that version of Visual Studio.

In fact, I have a copy of Visual Studio 6 both at home and at work precisely for that reason. I've benefitted greatly from it at work because some of our older projects have come back to bite us (one instance happened not a month ago with a VB6 project), and having the software to work with them was invaluable.

If it consists of a bunch of CDs, use them as something to put your drinks on, just to keep your table clean. :o)

Keep it! Honestly that would be worth QUITE a bit, if you know how hard it is to find, you would understand.

Maybe get some other old CD's, a coat-hanger and some thread and make a mobile or a wind-chime? :-Þ

put it in a frame at a slight angle and call it Art...

Good idea -- I'll think about that. I've heard about artists who put human feces in a jar and sold it as art for several thousands of $$$.

Wow, I don't think 'Visual Studio 6.0 at a slight angle' comes even close to 'human feces in a jar'. :)

You're actually right, vegaseat. It would need to be at a 90 degree angle to significantly increase its value.

Woo hoo! I've just found Visual Studio 6 box in my 'puter stuff cupboard... but this ain't just any VS6... this is the Academic Edition with those fancy charts you hang on the wall like Posters!

As for its angle, if you place it at a 60 degree angle, anything thrown, or shot, at it would have to contend with double the width of cardboard. So, there's another option, your VS 6 Pack, worn in the right way at the correct angle, could become a significant piece of kit for any super hero geek in-the-making. :D