I've been thinking of getting a new Monitor, which I may use as a TV now and again. So, I've been thinking of getting one of these little gadgets for my little home office... TV/Monitor. . . what do you think?

I will recommend you to go for a TFT monitors which are less expensive & can be used as TV too.

Ah, I got a PM saying that my post had been moved from the Geeks Lounge and I thought I had broken a forum rule... However, as much as I would like the "Monitor" depicted in the video as a PC monitor, I doubt something like that would fit in many home office.

This post was a joke destined for the Geeks Lounge, an attempt at humorous irony - corny British style. :)

I'll go get my hat and coat now... :D

I didn't check the actual link, and took the post at face value during a very busy morning here. Your joke is now back where it belongs.

Oh, man I want that! I just need a couple reconfigurations - I can make a deal with the older couple who live below me no problem but it will need to be unhinged so it would unfold in a wrap-around mode but yeah, I want one.

What is that... a home sized jumbo screen lol?