I recently started my computer and noticed that it wasn't recognizing a stick of RAM, so I took it apart, and took out a stick of RAM in an attempt to find out which one wasn't working. When I turned it back on I got this screen about the Memory being changed, and instead of letting my computer boot up, I turned it off.

I then changed out the bad memory stick for the good one I took out, and the next time I turned the computer on, the monitor, mouse, and keyboard refused to work. None of the lights on the mouse or the keyboard come on, and the monitor displays "is working properly, but no connect(or something similar to that). I checked all my connections, and nothing has worked.

Any suggestions?

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Does the computer sound like it is booting up? If so, that is a good sign. Howevery, I have ran into faulty motherboards that when I installed memory it shorted the motherboard out. Later I learned there was a recall on that motherboard.

Try powering the system without any RAM modules. If the board gives any beep(s) then the board is fine. Next, take any one RAM stick and plug it into the slot and then turn the system on. If this doesn't work, then put the stick into the other slot. Keep doing this with all the slots. Then repeat the procedure with the other RAM stick. Let us know if this helps.

well i have tried every thing that has been advised above , i plug my memory out and because my mb doesnt have any beep on it so i try to replace my memory with new one and it also doesnt worked ,then i cleaned my mb,ram slot,processor,ac power supply but still i cant find the problem . my mb is INTEL D945GCPE DESKTOP WITH Pentium dual core e2160 WITH 1 gb DDR2 MEMORY .PLEASE HELP !

Me too have this same problem...When i switch on my pc ie.,When i ON my UPS both cpu and monitor getting power supply.when i switch on my CPU, HARD DISK and FAN are running but KEYBOARD and MONITOR is not working.
1.when CPU is in switch-ON i unplug the monitor cable at back of CPU,then monitor power light turn to green.again if i inserted monitor cable in to cpu monitor power light turns to red.
2.Before this problem i switched of my pc without proper shut downing during the adobe flash player updating process.and my Anti virus Microsoft essential has "XP not geniue" problem.

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