Hi All
i have a games console un used an wrapped partly made of wood and partly of metal it is from videogame LTD hong kong . anyone have any idea about it?

Post a picture of it and I might be able to help identify it.

Is this it, the Atari 2600? Linky

That had a wood veneer and was built in Hong Kong for a time.

Fond memories of my 2600 Woody. Both the one I had when a lot younger and the one I was forced to sell when I had to dismantle my extensive vintage video game hardware collection due to moving to a much smaller home with little storage space.

My eyesight is too poor to make out the name on the housing. What does it actually say, above the instructiions in the first pic?

Looks like one of any number of generic videogame consoles of the time. I used to have dozens of them, all with different names but all very similar in design. They make very little on eBay, as in the postage will probably work out to more than the value of the thing.

Well, if it's not the new Playstation 4, it may be as happygeek says one of those Consoles of the late 70's that disappeared in the big games console crash. It seems that the market became so glutted with them that they became very unprofitable. This caused a panic sell for all manufacturers... or so I read. I've never been a big fan of consoles.

Whenever I'm looking for an old system this "OLD COMPUTERS" museum is the first place I visit. (the site can be a little slow) You can even trade systems there. Your box of tricks wasn't there though. :)

Wow, I believe that I actually had one of those (or a close version of it) when I was very, very young. I can barely remember because it belonged to an older sibling. I recall playing pong (tennis).

thanks guys . looks like it may be bin time :)
seems a shame to just throw such an old bit of kit but unless theres someone or place that wants one then the bin will devour easy

eBay is your friend if you want to make a (very) few pounds/dollars whatever, just don't except to get rich with this item. If money isn't an issue then try your local Freecycle. Both have to be better than adding to the growing global unrecyclable crap mountain.

i hear that happygeek . i hate waste , you have just remided me of a place we have here called reverse garbage

Often there is a value to these vintage items when they are complete with their original packaging. It's your decision, but it may be worth a try. It's good to know you're looking at environmental options though. :)

Why not go to vegas and meet up with those dudes (they have a show on History Channel called Pawn Stars) and ask them to give it it's value :)

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okay :(... message recieved.

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Why does everyone think that I am going towards being the top scorer of the table... I said I became first once... Doesn't mean i am freak about...

Happygeek, i get your point ;)