I am making myself a new computer for gaming and recording. What do you think about it? I also used this to calculate the wattage. Should I change the power supply?


System Type:        1 physical CPU  
Motherboard:        High End - Desktop  
CPU Socket:     Socket LGA 1155 
CPU:        Intel Core i5-3570K 3400 MHz Ivy Bridge 
CPU Utilization (TDP):      90% TDP 
RAM:        4 Sticks DDR SDRAM  
Video Card 1:       AMD Radeon HD 7970  

IDE HDD 7200 rpm:       2 HDDs  
DVD/CDRW Combo Drive:       1 Drive 
Additional PCI Card (avg):      1 Card  
PCI-e x1 Card:      3 Cards 
PCI-e x4 Card:      1 Card  
PCI-e x8 Card:      1 Card  
PCI-e x16 Card:     1 Card  
USB:        3 Devices   
Front Bay Card Reader:      Yes 
Regular:        2 Fans 120mm;   
Keyboard and mouse:     Yes 
System Load:        90 %    

Minimum PSU Wattage:        588 Watts   
Recommended Wattage:        638 Watts

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If you are a hardcore gamer then please go to nVidia graphics card. And SSD drive instead of hdd. And power supply should be 750 watt.

Are you sure? I don't want to waste too much electricity or money, and the minuinum is 588. I want more than that, and the recommended is much more, 638. Isn't adding 112 more too much? And if nVidia is better, than what ~$390 video card can I use that is better than my current one?

A pc power supply will supply whatever is needed and no more so going for a 750 will use no more power than a lower wattage one. The benefits of going for a 750 will be 2 fold. 1 - You will have a wattage "overhead" for future upgrades and 2 - it will run cooler as it wont be too close to it's maximum wattage and therefor will last longer.

Ok. So what about the "Corsair Professional Series AX 750"? It was reccomended on the PSUEngine. Also, what is a ~$390 nVidia video card that's better than my current on?

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