Black Friday is coming up... and I am curious who is going to be participating? If so what will you guys be considering purchasing?

I am considering buying clothes/shoes, some apple stuff, some things from game stop, books, equipment, etc. (i have a big budget for a high school freshmen... :))

Please don't consider this post ridiculous though... its based off of curiousity :)

I recall reading that Black Friday is a lot of hype and that there are better prices to be had at other times of the year. Plus you don't run the risk of being trampled to death. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it got its name because for many merchants, it isn't until Black Friday that their balance sheets for the year actually move into the black.

I have no plans on waiting in any line or fighting with people for anything. Its not worth the aggrevation, at least not for me.

I went to WalMart a couple years ago on black Friday, went about midnight. It was lots of fun, the most people I've ever seen at WalMart the same time. It took about an hour to get through the checkout register. I might do it again this year just to see all those people :) This year some merchants such as Target are starting Black Friday about 10:00 pm Thursday night, their employees are not very happy about that. I heard on the news a couple nights ago WalMart employees are threatening a walkout in several cities ardound USA.

Do European's have anything similar?

Nothing in the parts of europe i'm familiar with, England, france, cyprus (now), trouble is in england things are so bad economically that the 'sales' idea is now an all year round thing, instead of twice a year. Maybe the prices are too high to start with?

I heard last year a lady in WalMart pepper sprayed a group of people to get in front of the lines :)... Boy, black friday is going to be fun rofl!

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No Plans. No Money. All my money goes to the mortgage and bills.

Don't worry LastMitch, I know many people who are doing the same as you... so don't feel alone/left out!

That's kind of what my mom wanted to do rofl...!