So, the title pretty much explains the problem... everytime I move or resize my windows (any program), a black or a white border appear and I can't see where my window is going until I release it... I found a way to do it by going to the taskbar, ricght clicking on "Computer", "properties", at the top left "Advanced system settings", under "performance" I click "settings" then I select "Adjust for best appearance". Then everything is okay.... until I restart my computer... Everything gets back like before... the white or black borders re-appear... and it sooooo f**ing annoying! Please help! I want to make the setting permanent!

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In the window you're talking about, try to use the apply button to save the setting permanent.


After doing that, the apply button stays the same, it doesn't give me the option to save it permanently...


Hi again,

In the same window do this (see the attached image) :
- Select Custom
- Select options that you want and dont forget Show window contents when dragging
- Validate new settings with the Apply button
- Close the window by the OK button.

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... sigh... As soon as I restart, the borders get back... :'(

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