I am using a HP laptop dv5-1104 tu. My lcd was broken so i got NEW LCD fixed a year ago.

Now for the past 3 days screen turns black after using it for a hour or so. Just the lcd is turning black. PC is not hung. To turn it back on i have to make the laptop go to sleep mode and wake it up. even after waking it up the screen turns black for every minute or two..

I hooked it with an external monitor and it works.

I changed the screensaver settings. turns out its nt screen saver problem.

Before the screen turns black the screen shows a very light buzz.. i mean very light flickering... we cant notice it unless we concentrate.

Please help me.

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How old is this laptop, please?

The power connecter that plugs into the laptop, does it feel loose? I'm suspecting that the connector inside the laptop has become loose over time and usage. Sometimes it will make a connection and sometimes it won't. So, when it connects, it partially (or sometimes fully) charges the battery. Then, because the connector is loose, it disconnects from the mains power and starts depending on the battery. Power management settings for the battery tell the operating system to make the laptop sleep when the battery's charge drops below a certain percentage. To you, it just looks like the screen has gone black. When you do what you do to wake up the laptop, it only has a small percentage of charge in the battery left, and then goes to sleep soon after again. To you, it looks like the screen has just gone black again.

Do a search for your model laptop an ebay and you will find a replacement power connector -they should only cost a couple of of pounds (GBP) or dollars. The next task is to find someone to fit it for you.

Do that initial check though, does the connecter feel loose?

Yeah mate! it s loose for a very very long tym!!

so it shud be the problem.. coz battery s not charged to the fullest even if i keep it charging for hours..

i ll replace the connector and check.. thanks for ur help :)

laptop is 4 yrs old

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