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Harold, driving, notices the flashing police lights in his rear view mirror and pulls over to the side of the road.

The elderly couple look at each other nervously, and Margaret asks Harold, "Oh Harold, what have you done?" "Margaret, I haven't done anything, just stay calm and let me handle this, I will handle this, okay?" He winds down his window, greeting the police officer, "How can I help you officer?"

The Policeman: "Did you know that one of your tail lights isn't working?"

Harold: "Is that so, officer? Which one?"

Margaret: "Harold, you know which one, the one on the left."

Harold grimaces at his wife with a steely-eyed look, and then looks back at the Policeman. "Oh... oh, yes, that light."

Policeman: "How long has it been like that, sir?"

Harold: "Well, I... erm--- I noticed it this morning, but where can I buy a replacement bulb on a Sunday morning?"

Margaret: "Harold, I told you about that light again last Wednesday!"

Harold, with a low seething tone to his voice, "Margaret, what did I tell you? I will handle this."

Policeman: "So, how long has that light been like that?"

Harold: "Ah, yes, it must have slipped my mind. It went a bit funny last Wednesday, but then seemed to work again. I will have it repaired first thing in the morning Officer."

Margaret: "Harold, how could you forget the kindness that other nice young police officers showed you?"

Harold: "Margaret!"

Policeman: "Other policeman?"

Margaret: "Oh, he was so very kind when it came to the problem of that stupid rear light. He said that he would only give my Harold a ticket for speeding, and he is like one of those racer boys sometimes, but he wouldn't give him a ticket for the light just as long as he promised to get it fixed the next day."

Policeman: "I see... could I see your licence please, sir?"

Harold, his face now almost people with frustration, "Margaret, will you just shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!!"

Policeman: "Sir, you really shouldn't talk to your wife like that." he then looks to Margaret, "Does he talk to you like that often?"

Margaret: "Oh no, Officer. Only when he's had too much to drink..."

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