Hello everyone,

I finished my graduation degree 2 months before and I was in the process of applying for a job. It been two months now. I just had three interviews. Its so frustrating. Why would I get a job.

Can anyone give me some advice on why does it happen. People who is been already employed, how did your interview go, where did you find the vacancies from. I am currently located in UK!

I have posted my CV on most of the public websites. I get calls from agencies and they get all my details. But they never get back later. Is it because of my lack of technical skills. I do apply for job directly through employer websites. But still I don't get reply very soon!


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Software companies don't want to hire a new guy. It's a fact. It's why they offer internships. They want a person who has proven his/her self to be knowledgeable and reliable in that field. As the new guy, you have to start at the bottom. This means very little pay (possibly a small stipend or salary) in exchange for credibility. Once credibility is attained, you can put it on the resume and the sky is the limit.

> But they never get back later.
Yeah, agencies are like that, even for pros.

Unless you're exactly what they're looking for, you're just padding for their database. The only way to get them to do stuff for you (it seems) is to keep calling them to the point they find you somewhere just to shut you up :)

> I am currently located in UK!
I think a lot of places are looking to either cut back, or put a freeze on recruitment at the moment. It's going to be pretty tough for a while it would seem.

Have your other class-mates found work yet? If so, can then offer any tips?
What about your college, do they have a careers advice centre as well for recent graduates?

Thanks guys for the reply. Yeah it seems it so difficult to get a job at the movement. Well i never use to call agencies before. Let me try that. Let me call quite often and kill them lol. See if they at least response from that.

>Have your other class-mates found work yet?
Well, there are few people who have already got the job. It do get lots of vacancies to work on .net environment. But I don't want to start my career there. And hence and keep avoiding them. Most of my friends and class -mates who got the job are all working on .net.

But I would like to work on C or C++ programming. If I could start it from there.

>What about your college, do they have a careers advice center as well for recent graduates?
Yeah the university has a career service center. They do have quite a few vacancies, I have applied for them.

The one more problem, which I seem to have is my current visa status. I am on student visa. But I am in the process of renewing it to PSW something similar to IGS. But most employers don't know about PSW and they don't even take my application take further.

What they should understand is that i am still eligible to work in here for next 2 years with PSW! :(


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> It do get lots of vacancies to work on .net environment.
Grab that by the horns! What's wrong with you, it's a job (programming) isn't it. You can't afford to be picky in this industry.

Personally I would spread yourself out. Don't just concentrate on looking for I.T related jobs. You might be there all year(s), + the pay is probably shyt too.

True...as a new guy...take what you can get at the moment. I ADVISE you not to jump jobs...job stability is a biggie. 4-5 years at an employer is good. I see too many employees with 1-2 years at several companies, and that, in my experiences, DQ's alot of good workers. Not all companies have that requisite, but it helps to have job stability when being sought after by a recruiter.

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Heyyyyy I got a JOB. I did came to know like a 2 week ago. I should have posted it down here.

Bu, I still cant close this thread. Since i cant start the work until I get my passport from the Home Office. I get that, I am gonna start work. :)

Hope to get my passport very soon. But end of this month.


Hey guys, finally got my passport delivered as well. So I am all ready to start my work. Heh heh.

This thread can be now closed with plenty of JOY :)


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