Hello fellas,

I've been participating in Daniweb for quite a while now, but I realize that I never introduced myself, so let's do it ^^

I'm 23 yo, from Brazil. Started into development playing Ultima Online when I was about 15yo. I became a enthusiast in programming, moved to HTML, CSS, JS and ASP. Sometime later started with SQL Server, Adobe Flex and C#.Net.
At this point I can say that I know a lot of some programing languages/technologies and I know a little bit about many others.

I started two colleges but never graduated.

Today I work in a small company, primary with BI, ATM's and Android. But what I most enjoy developing is JavaScript. And I'm also trying to start a carrer as a model, that's where the photo came from ^^.

I've been enjoying very much the forum, there's a lot of very nice and smart people here.

I just wish some people would search a little more beforing making some very basic questions, that they would find out in 10 seconds on google.

So, that's a little about me.


Hello Long Time Daniwebber!

Hello Ale,

Based on your posts so far, it appears that you are quite knowledgable in those areas. Glad you are here...welcome!