Hello everyone,

I'd just like to know why you joined Daniweb and how it has helped you with your IT problems and such?

I joined because my classmate suggested it to get help with my Java codeing. (As my username suggests!)
What about you?


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I found Daniweb via a Google Search, and joined it so that I could get help with some problems which I couldn't find elsewhere on the internet.
Since then it has been a great resource, and I've enjoyed getting stuck in with other user's questions.

In terms of helping with my IT problems, I've learnt a couple of new languages with the help of other members and I've completed various projects.

Ahh very nice! Much like me, I try to help other users when I can


I've been on for about a year now. I came across this site researching an issue. I liked the structure of the site, how it is cared for, and the overall community. Decided to stay and participate.

Yes, it is well maintained! Thanks Dani for a great website!

You're welcome!! :) Thanks guys.

I joined Daniweb because i needed help with a few things (Php and MySQL)... i realized that no other forum was as established as Daniweb. I have joined other forums but never returned because i always felt unwelcomed, but in Daniweb, you feel welcome because (I don't know why) you already "know" who is helping you. Plus, i had a lot of free time so yeah, i like to stay here and post rather than being on Facebook commenting on everything that is completely stupid (for example, Like my post 10 times and i will share a truth or the "truth" game that people (teens) play on Facebook)... god, facebook (they may have 1 billion users now, but in 100 years, they are going to have 1 billion dead users :D) is not that helpful...

(I can still remember the users who originally helped me, their way of assisting kept me on this site... which is why I am not leaving (I even sent Dani, months ago, a message thanking her for her creation of this site) :D)

Yup, i feel the same way, it's very welcoming here at Daniweb, I'll be a user for a looong time! =)


I have been around not very long. I learn pretty much every thing i know
about programing form the web and sites like daniweb helped a lot.

comparing a site like daniweb and an other popular site stack overflow ...
I will pick daniweb any day. for two main reason.

  1. Daniweb is newbies friendly. that is to say, you can ask all the stupide question and
    get someone help you arrive at the right question and the right answer.

  2. The people at Daniweb are welcoming and ready to help at any time. althought it takes some time to get your post answers compared to stack overflow. The help you get form Daniweb is more simple and explaning more so as to help you learn, Daniweb is a LEARNING TOOL and i hope it will not be changed "by people who think they KNOW AND SO SOME QUESTION SHOULD NOT BE ASKED".

DANIWEB God bless you.
... so how is the founder of daniweb? .. I hope she is fine
Who realy know her. I realy want to know her because she is an inspiration.
Dose she have a biography, if not, i think she should write one.


You can donate to help her out a bit more :)

I joined Daniweb because I found it useful for something. I was searching something on Google and this site came up

Cool! I'm sure you will find out quickly that Daniweb is quite diverse and that there is always someone here to help you at any given time!


Cool! I'm sure you will find out quickly that Daniweb is quite diverse and that there is always someone here to help you at any given time!

That is absolutely true, that is why Daniweb is much more successful than its competition...

I found Dani website when I was searching something on Google and was stuck by Java problem.
I got my solution here and now I like to solve other's problem related to Java. This increases my coding skills. :)

I think the main reason why people joined Daniweb is because they google'd and needed help.

You're welcome!! :) Thanks guys.

Why did you join? :P

On a side note, Dani developed this http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/php/threads/9379/vbulletin-mod_rewrite which was at its time (and Im sure many older sites use it as well today) helpful to MANY webmasters as it generated traffic for them.

A bit of Daniweb history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DaniWeb

I joined........(looking at threads ive made)............because............ah, yes, I was coding comething in C and I needed some help. Googled and somewhere else pointed me to this site (before StackOverflow). From then on, life has been OK in Daniweb...........until the editor change which I wont go into in this thread.

I haven't really seen much change with the editor, it's pretty close to the editor that I saw when I first joined...

But, nevertheless thank you for posting! I hope to se this thread be a long lasting thread that evey will have a say in.


For the record, you joined 2 months before the editor switched :)

Ahh yes, come to think of it, I do remember that I had some trouble posting a while ago... :-)

I joined because I had a very specific query relating to something quite far "out there" in WCF, which an article on DaniWeb had already addressed. I decided to stick around for a while.

I mostly just answer questions in the C# forums and promote the twitter feed when I can. The community of here is much better and friendlier than places like SO. I find that SO is overrun by people who have blinkers on. It's their way or no way, which is why I believe DW is a much better place to be.

(Eventually I'll upload an avatar....)

@ketsuekiame we are waiting to see your avatar, love you

@ketsuekiame Aggreed, I like how Daniweb is friendly and very helpful. It's nce to know that someone is always going to give you some help!


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