The game is simple, just say a CEO (also mention company) and mention 1 significant event (death counts) in their life.

So, Segway tycoon, Jimi Heselden (Segway inc.), died of multiple injuries because of his segway.

your turn.

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That's kinda morbid :(
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I noticed that some users (including Dani) think that this thread is supposed to represent a "morbid" attitude, but its not. The idea is to share something interesting about a ceo.

It could be a negative (like the segway one i posted) or positive (Mark Zuckerberg created a facebook page for his dog) or neutral (The founder of Guess? was hit by a car and thought he was paralyzed for life but ended up founding the most well known fashion retails)...

(Thank you Dani for pointing this out, this may help clear the confusion)

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