In case my recent post about the stress levels of IT workers made you want to start looking for a new job, the least I can do is offer you some tips. Here are three things you need to do right now:

Get a sense of the market - Make sure you have your finger on the pulse of the IT industry, especially if you haven't been job-hunting in many years. You'd be surprised at how much things have changed. took a look recently at 16 jobs in IT that aren't going away anytime soon. From information security experts to enterprise-application strategists, there are several jobs with very secure outlooks, despite all the offshoring and outsourcing going on. No word on the stress levels of those particular roles, though. If you're looking for some upward mobility, consider becoming an expert in a certain niche by taking training and certification courses surrounding new or popular technology.

Get paid what you're worth - There's plenty of discussion right now about IT workers getting paid overtime, but how do you figure out what your base pay should be in the first place? Web sites like PayScale are are handy, but the best information comes from doing some digging. Check industry Web sites like InformationWeek and ZDNet, or for specific metrics check with an analyst group like Forrester.

Get connected - Track down other IT workers, compare notes, and get suggestions by joining industry-related social networking groups like ITtoolbox, Ning, or LinkedIn. While many people find Web sites like Facebook and MySpace entertaining, people looking for leads on job should stick to sites aimed at professional networking.

Are you looking for a new job in IT? Have you just landed your dream job? Tell us your best tips in the comments.

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I am currently looking for a job and I have to say, it has not been an easy ride. Companies are demanding more and more specialist skills, but seem unwilling to train. I also wonder if there is much of an opportunity to move through the ranks at one company in the IT industry today. It really seems to me that to get where you want to be career-wise and financially, one has to be one's own boss.

LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. Nowadays most recruiters using LinkedIn than Google for searching candidates. So we have to maintain our profile with proper details such as Email Id, Contact Number etc.

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