Deal or no deal:A cup of tea?

no deal, i want any tea!

50,000 shares of FB?


A mouse for your cat


how about an away to evolve pikachu

no deal, its cool to have pikachu as it is lightweight but its evolution Raichu is little heavier than Pikachu.

A ice breathing dragon

Deal, i will just freeze pikachu with it :D

All pokemons in the video games...

nod deal, there are at least 649 pokemon species & some are as huge as a 5-7 floor building.
Even I got them all where i will put them. Since there is no Pokemon PC in the real world.

A Platypus

No deal, I dont think spike our german shepherd would agree aha

Moderator promotion on daniweb

Deal, i wanted one of those.

Admin promotion on daniweb.

no deal

A cat that can walk on two legs & do other stuff from other two legs

Deal he's cute

a keyboard

no, i have a grand piano at home.

a smart car

no deal

a water gun.

deal mattster, when you are going to ship it....

A Tiger

Deal... you all know my love for cats :D

Baby turtle

deal, my cat will love it.

Hugh Hefner's playboy girls ;)

no deal.

a panda

no deal, they are going to extinct

cat ears

no deal, thats creept

cup of water

no deal, cup of gold is ok

a james bond golden gun

deal, i will shoot a few targets :)

a penny

Deal, thats good foran exact change.

A stuffed animal

Deal, i will just give to a girl... maybe my cheerleader friends :)...

Baby goat.