my laptop (hp, windows 7 64bit)just interrupted with no reason (ok, maybe i dont know the reason). my way fixing this was restarting. but Yersterday after i restarted i found my data in E: was all lost. they are my fav photos and i want them back. how to get my laptop fixed and my photos back? thank you in advice.

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Unfortunately without knowing exactly what has happened, its difficult to say what happened. Any errors show up when you boot up? There are some malware out there that will hide the data until the malware is removed.

Try booting to Windows safe mode by hitting f8 before Windows boots up. When you click on My Computer, do you see the E: drive at all?

Do you have a backup of the data?

Do not format the E: drive or try to copy any new data until you know exactly what is happending. Even if the data has been wiped, it should be recoverable. In the worst case, you should be able to take the drive to a computer repair store or someone that has experience recoving lost files.


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Hello Barber2012, You need not to be worry because it is very common data loss situation that lots of PC users have to face. Your laptop may get crashed due to sudden system shut down or due to some malfunctioning of softwares. But whatver be the reason, don't worry because you can get all of your lots files as well as your precious photos with the help of effective and advanced Photo Recovery Tool. The software is highly compatible with both windows as well as Mac OS and so you can recover them easily on any operating system. For your staisfaction, you can download the free version of the software means you can try the software efficiency and performance and also to see all of your recoverable files before you go for the licensed version of the product.

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