What games are you excited for this 2013?

I'm excited for: ArcheAge, Remember Me, SimCity, Dead Island: Riptide and I'm most excited about ArcheAge because of the sandbox type of game.

How about you guys?

It does not matter what console, just give me your ideas guys.

i think Archeage is already out in the market.

I am looking into "deep down" and "watchdogs".... also the new killzone.

I am also looking into Destiny... a new game by bungie for the ps system.

i want you guys to give me an idea for a game, thus if you will like a game for your phone this 2013 what game will it be and how will it be like.
i want to try my hands on game making but i can't seem to get an idea.
you can also link me to some resouces that can help thank

Well... making a game on the app store is going to competitive. But if you want to make a game, try looking on the top charts for the app store. And what mobile device are you making this game on, so I can refer you to some tutorials

i want to make it for the android phone. The thing is i don't willy want to make a game that will be sold, although that will be a plus, the real motivation is i want to try my hands on making a game as a way of learning. I hope you get me @MICHAEL. Thanks very much

Sometimes, recreating a classic is a good move. We have several devs working here that used a game they developed on the playstore as part of their resume. Usually, it's a game most are familiar with like checkers, card games, othello, something like that.

ok ok os is not about trying to make a new game but trying to rebuild the one you love. I think is a good idea, why didn't i thing of this, thanks very much

No problem, ask questions if you need help.

Well I was really looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online, but apparently at E3 they said it will be releasead in 2014, freaking sucks. i wished to play it this summer, like in august or maybe at least in beginning of september, won't have time completely next year, especially in spring.

Anyone here looking into GTA 5?