Hi every one im new here an im looking for a freelance home based seo job. Is there anyone who could help me and hire me as well?thanks

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A freelance "home based" seo position may be best obtained by creating your own website and then optimizing it accordingly. When that site is in a good position you will hold more "weight" with potential clients and employers. Just a thought.

Yes, you need to be out there in the market for that. Try getafreelancer and digitalpointforums.

I think you should try classifieds for this.
Post your adv on classifieds websites and I am sure you will get a response from there.


Try to work as free lancer. read about free lance work.

yes you can use freelancer.com and also you can leave your own website and try to rank it on Google. then you can get SEO jobs .so that you can work at home.

Check out the DaniWeb Business Exchange section. We have Job Offers there.

Try for freelance job.

Hi there is lot of freelance websites like odesk,freelancer you just open the account and bit for projects.

I believe you should visit freelance related websites

try to make a website and rank it if you want to make money - This will also tell you how much SEO you actually know

Yes try for freelance ,it would be fine for start home base job.

Join freelancing websites. oDesk is one of them.


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