Hi to all. Im not sure if this is the right category for this. Sorry if so. Anyway all my games be came laggy all of a sudden. I didnt change any setting for ATi CCC and those games runs flawlessly before. Examples are nba2k13, nba2k14, COD MW3, Diablo 3 etc. I also updated my video card to the latest one thinking it might solve it but with no luck. I did a virus scan with avira n walwarebytes. All malicious or suspected ones are removed but still the same.Hope someone can help me out. thanks


win 7 ultimate 64bit
Intel quadcore duo 2.4
Ram 4gb
video card Radeon ati 5600 hd

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My gut tells me your Power supply may be having issues in not providing enough juice to the system. You might test the rig with another Power supply.

The Proc may be overheating and throttling down due to high temp. ARe all the fans working in the system with clean air flow?

Yup all hardware are good powersupply and airflow are all good. As stated all this games are runnin smoothly before. Nothing was changed, i not sure if a virus got me and been eatin up ram. I just intalled a desktop gadget that get readings n it says it using 41% or RAM even on idle. I think somethings wrong with it.

then the next thing that pops into my head are any updates. Any recent driver updates, MS updates, directX updates, etc? Do you have a system restore point from a time when the rig was running well?

Thing that springs to mind is that you've got other applications running that maybe you didn't realise are running. Some programs start at System boot without you even realising. They then take up processing power and you experience a lag in your games. This would also explain the large amount of RAM being used.

Check task manager to see if anything out of the ordinary is running in processes. Then in the Start Bar Search field type msconfig. Once it loads use the startup tab to see what programs your pc loads at runtime and disable those that you don't need.

Hope this helps

I think the last update before games got messed up was the directX 11 from the other game i was installing. Im not sure if i have a system restore. Can you help me go back to direct X 10 or 9? I think i tried re installing Direct X 10 but the system is saying that i have a newer version. Which is 11 i think. Anyway thanks for the replies...appreciate the help guys.

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