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I can remotely-admin a machine by using VNC software or default Windows Remote Desktop, but what if for security reasons, I cannot connect from outside?

I need something like "reverse" remote connection. See, in a normal case, I am the Client, and the other PC is the server who listens for incoming connections. Is it possible to do it the other way? I.e., the other PC connects to my PC, but I'm still being the Client?

I would like to leave the other PC running at night hours, continuously verifying if my PC is on (thru a Ping or something), and connect to it as soon it be detected and my Client software is started.

I tested UltraVNC previously, which seems to include this feature, but it's not perfect cause: 1) connection had to be established before leaving the remote PC, and 2) it never reconnected when for some reason I had to restart my PC or the connection dropped.

Any ideas?



It's a paid service, $20 or less a mo, which in a business environment isn't too bad.

Not business environment.
With such price, better to develop the thing myself....

ah, i see...not a business thing....uh, not too sure then... :sad:

Just out of interest, as I have been thinking over this for a while with no luck, why can you not connect from outside?

Could you not run a domain on your server to connect to that, through a VPN or something?

Hello Marty,

why can you not connect from outside?


Could you not run a domain on your server to connect to that, through a VPN or something?

Firewall again. It's useless to listen to some port (chosen at will) because incoming connections (from outside) are not allowed.


Without the blessing of your nework administrator, you are stuck. It is the firewall that is going to stop you every time. And if your administrator is worth his salt, he is going to want a business reason that you need this access.

At my company, it would be strictly not allowed.


Yes, it is possible to do reverse remote connection and connecting from outside your network using RHUB`s remote support appliance. It is easy to use and best part is, it has no download of any kind.

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