What was the most pain you have ever been through?

Physically or mentally...

For me it was when I was playing in the third game of the season in football, as a receiver I ran a few yards but got caught by 2 of their players which slowed me down because they had a hold of me... but then it got worse for me, 2 more players charged at me (one being my team mate trying to block one of them) and they both rammed into me hard, the opposing side rammed me somewhere in my upper body, i think it was my chest, (knocking off my helmet) and my partner that tried to stop him hit my abdomen really hard. I was out for the rest of the game (third quarter, 2 minute left).

But hey, at least it was a first down (I went 7 yards) and I had 2 touchdowns that game. Plus we won.

So anyways, what was the most pain you have faced.

I personally haven't been in that much pain, but when I first started at Uni I worked for the ambulance service. The traumas you see in a four month contract are horrific.

I haven't had any serious pain, but I can tell you that the worst experience I've probably had was my first hangover. I'm just glad it only happens once... :D

I'm just glad it only happens once... :D

Indeed, it happens only once, after every night of intense drinking.

When I broke my arm in 8 places jumping off a climbing frame (I was in Year 5; which is about 9-10 years old)

I was dismounting from an overhead bar which was about as high as a two storey building. As I let go, I was on the back swing which meant I rotated to be face first in mid-air. I put my arm out to break the fall and my arm just went to pieces under the force (solid wood flooring) I still twitch and cringe about it now.

If you imagine being able to touch both the inside and outside of your elbow with your fingers at the same time...that's how bad it was. I had to have it pinned and in a cast for 14 weeks. What followed was then a month of physiotherapy to get my arm to work after the muscle deteriorated away.

It's still not better; I have severe shoulder issues because I broke the cartilidge of the shoulder socket. It also gave me chronic back pain as well. Thankfully my wrists and fingers were all intact and have not hindered my ability to work :)

Many, from surgical sutures to my fingers to a spinal disc herniation which is so painful sometimes that I remain breathless. But the one I remember worst, it happened while I was doing snorkeling and was caused by a sea urchin spine between the thumb and the nail of my hand, the sting broken in many pieces and so I had to wait weeks to get it out.

Oh, Michael! You were feeling pain during a football game! Lucky you.
Can you imagine the pain of a soldier with his legs bombded off in some kind of silly war? I think I can.
I had my sick kidneys replaced by a newone. I can tell you I was very lucky to have some in the clinic administered dose of this.

I tried to drink a bear once..

I tried to drink a bear once..
Ho man I pity you! That most have been quite a terrible experience!
Something that really hurts!
Was it a polar bear or a grizzly bear?

Hmmm... it was probably polar because it was from coke.

I think of pain when I remember the time i was sprained while playing basketball. My left foot was literally perpendicular to my lower leg for about a minute or so before it snapped back into position. This happened about 8 years ago and I still feel the pain every now and then when too much stress is applied on the left ankle.

Three bouts of pain I can think of:
I kicked a heavy door with a vent - my big toe-nail went above the louvre and my toe below, tore the nail right off.
I had a spinal tap and the hole did not close which allowed a little, tiny bit of spinal fluid to leak out and I thought my brain would implode; I spent the entire weekend on my back - they patched the hole when I went in on Monday
I had a viral infection of the lining of my lungs - every inhale was like a knife stabbing me in the chest. I could sit up for about 15 minutes before tears came to my eyes and I had to lie down. Watching me walk must have been a hoot because I would fall down and whimper, curled up in a ball. I used to know the name of this but have forgotten it.

Could that infection be bronchitis or pneuomonia?

Chronic pain that lasts years is the one that really tests you, particularly one where your body is permenantly damaged and the pain comes from that, with no chance of ever getting better. You have the pain to deal with and you need to come to terms with the fact that it's permanent, plus all the problems that come with using pain killers for long durations. Come face to face with that and conquer it and short term pain becomes practically meaningless, even when it's at a far greater magnitude. A broken bone that heals correctly and quickly seems like an "owie" bee sting to a kid. I'll take intense short term pain over chronic nagging low intensity pain any day of the week.

@VernonDozier: could not agree more.

Hmm, a couple moths ago me and boyfriend were in the kitchen and he took up my right leg then tickled me then my left leg flew out from under me, and I flew from 5ft straight to my head which landed at an angle.
It hurt pretty bad when it happened, but I think the whole not being able to turn my head for a week made it worse. Had to go to the chiropractor and he said I almost broke my neck.

Ouch... that must have hurt. The bones on the neck are pretty sensitive. I can only imagine how much "pain" the boyfriend was in :)

I was abruptly awoken in a hotel room, kicked a table and broke my little toe. Pretty amazing right? xD


Oh, the worse painful thing I've done in my sleep happened last wednesday night. Somehow I fell against the wall next to my bed and hit my nose really really hard. It hurt really bad, yet I just held my nose and rolled over and went to sleep, lol. But it was still sore several days afterwards.

And there was no bleeding?

I remember once when i woke up in my sleep to notice that my eye brow was bleeding (the bed did not get stained) and i am still confused on how that happened... probably scratched myself in my sleep to hard (which was possible because i slept in a "burrito" made by my blankets)... Yet it never hurt.

<M/>- I googled it - it is called pleurisy and can be caused by pneumonia, t.b. among other things.

VernonDozier - I agree about long term vs short term pain. The pain that is there all the time, unaffected by opiates or other pain relievers reduces all other pain to ephemera. The human mind is a wonderful thing - it does not let you remember pain, it only lets you remember concept of it. Neuropathies on the other hand, don't go away so the mind is unable to 'move it to long-term storage where it can collect dust and get smoothed over'. It is there when you go to sleep, it is there when you wake up - the only relief I have found is distraction: reading a good book, watching a good movie, playing a kick-ass game - these are some of my favorite things because I can not be here now for a short time.