I'm thinking about going back to school to get a Masters in CIS. Is it a marketable degree nowadays? I currently have a Bachelors degree in History. My school has a bridge program that allows me to take less credits to go for a Masters in CIS. Basically I take 30 credits at the Undergraduate level to prepare me for the Masters program in CIS.

Is CIS a good field to go into?

I realize my Bachelors degree in History is pretty useless, so I'd like to get into Computers because it seems like a great field to start a career.

Is CIC a useful degree?

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I know a few people that did not have a background in computers and transferred over to MIS (Management Information Systems-pretty close to CIS).

I also have a Masters in MIS, but I do have many years of acedemic background and exprience in IT. I have found that my MIS has really helped me in my career with regard to IT Managemnt. It has bridged IT and Business for me.

Take a look at the coursework in your CIS program and think about what your goals are. A masters in CIS/MIS is generally going to prepare you to work in the IT field, but not in techical position such as a programmer. This type of degree would most likely help you become an IT manager, analyst, project manager, etc..

I am very happy that I choose this path. It has paid of for me ten fold. Hopefully what ever you decide will work out for you in the long run.

When it comes to IT and future opportunity, I cant see how that can be a mistake unless you dont enjoy IT related work.

Thanks Jorge. I'm doing reseach on CIS, and I'm not finding much information on it. Maybe its a new type of major in the computer field?

I don't really have any programming background or much of a computer background (besides personal use), but I figured I could go for a Masters in CIS then do some internships to get my foot in a door of some company.

So I'm assuming an IT manager, analyst or program manager would do more supervision rather than programming? I don't mind being either a manager or a programmer, I just want to get a job that pays well.

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of job did you get with your masters in MIS? And in your field, would an employer be looking to hire a person like me who has a Bachelors in History and a Masters in CIS, rather than both undergraduate and graduate studies in computers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Some schools will have programs in CIS or MIS. They are both within information systems. This track is not like a Computer Science track so the classes are generally split among IT business and computing.

Getting a job in general is tough enough without experience so internships will help. Without technical background, you may be looking at jobs relate to IT business including managing IT projects, or an IT technical group as a manager. Or just as analyst.. Generating/reviewing reports, etc...

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