Have you ever done something in front of thousands of people?

Yes, my band and I played in front of 2500 people! What a rush that was.

Have you ever farted in a packed elevator?

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I think so...

Have you ever jumped off a cliff?

no, probably never

have you ever created an easy program????

Does Hello World in Java count? LoL.

Have you ever had an operation?

I dont think so?

Have you ever jumped into a pile of mud?


have you ever sung a song??


Have you every kissed someone(not a person in your family)

yeah (my Manchester United jersy)

Have you ever tried to drink water from a bottle while riding Roller Coaster ??

No, I got to try that!

Have you every jumped 200 into the water

no Have you ever ate 26 oranges in one sitting

Yes (if you count 26 orange M&M's, if not... then no.)
Have you ever broken a bone.

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Have you ever broken a bone.

Getting a bit repetitive?

Yes: one ankle, tibia, toes, wrists including scaphoid, every finger and thumb - many times, humerus, radius, ulna, many ribs many times over, numereous dislocations - the joys of rugby! heh heh. I now walk like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.

Have you every drawn mud when trying to fart silently? If so, what happened next?

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lol XD
No, I have never done that

Have you ever felt like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

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Constantly, but I never manage to.

WHat is this?


I'm not quite sure I'll do some research and get back to you

may be some pea nuts


have you ever seen that above picture?


Have you ever used Stackoverflow

Have you ever worked aqt taco Bell

Have you ever been to prison

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Heh heh not prison, but the Belgian police in Leuven have absolutely no sense of humour. Was detained because my friend was very "tired and confused". Perhaps something to do with the fact that I was naked in the middle of the street at 5 am. Heh heh. There was a very good reason, which I shall not divulge here, but I was released without charge after my friend came round.

Have you ever lost your towel while sumo wrestling?

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Arguably, I have lost a bit of "clothing" when "wrestling" a "sumo." During football, we were doing a drill, and those who play reciever were put up (idk why we did this drill but oh well, it could be why the coach is gone) to go and basically tackle Offensive and defensive tackle players. I was put up to basically push the center, he is also the strongest on the team because he is a fat kid, and when we were about to start, he goes before the whistle and tackles me and knocks my offseason training cap off. In the next attempt, I hurt him pretty badly because I got a better leverage and managed to bring him to the ground... It was a good day...

Have you ever been in a fight (physical one, not the type of arguments you get in with your wife because you forgot to put the milk in the fridge).

Have you ever been in a fight

Yes, more than I can count. In my early years of life, I was a confused kid, with very little guidance. I found myself in some very bad situations, that resulted in many bad endings. I was once in the hospital for over 3 weeks in a coma, due to some serious head trauma.

Have you ever gone to another country, and then had your perception of the people from that country completely changed after going there?

Yes, I used to think that every person in England used to have a piss pot under their bed... turns out that I was wrong... I watched too much Mr. Bean before going there...

Have you ever been fired from a job

Yea, I was told I was too slow at executing it, while my colleagues were chit-chatting all the time doing absolutely nothing.

Have you ever swam to middle of a very deep lake (+30m), and had nice fun (with friends) while not having felt ground for long time (couple hours)?