I see fresh college grads all around running for a (/an almost) saturated software development field. Myself not being any exception to this either. But I'm kind of in a dilemma.

  1. I have invested around 12 months learning stuff like Java, databases and other cs stuff.
  2. but I got a job offer from a company that works in the networking domain.

many have told me that the professional environment varies with location , and I do believe enough logic to be in that statement , however I'm still making this post to ask a few questions, answer for which I would love to have from the professionals out there.

  1. Does the networking domain for freshers start from the support level? I've read a few blogs and threads which indicate that to be the norm.
  2. What opportunities for growth does this domain provide for freshers? How fast does it grow?
  3. Does the networking domain, in general pay as well as the software one? Like as in incentives, bonus, hikes and salary in general?

Some answers would help out a lot.

  1. Most any job will start there. It's a good place to learn, and a place you can start being effective despite knowing next to nothing (and no, you'd not be expected to know anything in an entry level development job either, you'd be set to testing, fixing bugs, analysing support requests, learning).
  2. There's always a need for good network admins, DBAs, and hardware engineers. Can outsource pretty much anything to some low wage country, except for the guys with the screwdrivers and soldering irons...
  3. Quite likely. Pay in software engineering has been under extreme pressure from competition of mass produced code monkeys from low wage countries for so long it's pretty low now unless you have very specific skills that are extremely hard to get, which you don't.

Most of IT jobs demand something special from you. You've experince of Java, Database and other OOPS oriented language or techologies. According to it I would suugest you to go to be a software developer or Project manager in software field if you feel an interest otherwise you can choose a field of Networking to be a system engineer, network enginner or something alike these. Both sector demands a huge experience and hard labour to get some prestigious designation and accountable payment structure. In networking domain most of the freshers are deputed as network support level which is an entry level job in the networking field. I think nothing bad in it. You may opt for it.

But to use and implement your experiences you should go in software field where in spite of saturation still has demand for a skilled perso specially the embedded technolgy or mobile technology.

Web hosting is a good field in which to apply your skills. If you are fresh out of your education and looking to enhance your system administrator skills and gain some diviersifed experinece then the hosting industry could bbe a good place to look.