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I thank you for taking time to view this discussion, which would focuss on how to build ones career in webpage designing, Kindly guide me from ground zero to start with, after doing some research I stumbled across Jon Duckett's book (HTML & CSS, Design and build website), the problem is he has another book which includes XHTML, where its been said XHTML is next version of HTML and now there is HTML5 too which I think claims to be the recent version. The question now is do I have to study XHTML?? if I dont will i be missing out any foundational things???? after doing HTML and CSS to which topic I should turn to? javascript? then? joomla? perl?? what are these,is it necessary to learn C#?java? since am aware they are programming languages. Your sincere advice will be valued much..many thanks :)

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The good thing is that HTML is simply markup and doesnt really take that long to get the basics... Its probabaly a good idea to start with HTML 4.01 to get a good foundation. MOving on to XHTML is very simply because XHTML is really HTML with just some additional rules such as using lowercase characters in your elemnets and attributes as well as ensuring that all tags are closed properly. From that point, i'd say study CSS for styling, then an introduction to JavaScript, Next go to HTML5 and CSS3. Go back to JavaScript and pick up some more intermediate stuff. While you are there, pick a good JavaScript library such as jQuery. I highly recoomend it.

Once you have all of hte client side stuff done, its time to move server side. Where you go from here depends on you. You could start with, php, java, etc... All of these server-side scripting languages will provide you with a good platform for web development. I'm into, but you'll find that there is a huge following for php. Lots of information out there on php.

You'll also need to learn SQL because you will surely want to have your web pages serve dynamic content stored in your database.

This seems like a lot of stuff, and it is, but its all doable and if you like web developmnet, it will be fun.

This youtube link popped up in my 'what to watch' feed the other day and maybe of interest to you. It pretty much answers your question (I think, I didn't watch much of it), I think it would be useful for someone starting out,
Click Here

that was very kind of you hericles, Thanks.

If you want to be become a web developer or web designer my advice for yo go to these links.

Both are very good sites for learning web development and web designing.

Designing is a creative profession. In this profession we have always try to create some extra ordinarey and satisfied according to their requirment. If you are perfect in creativity and have complete knowledge in photo shoap or other designing tool.


Webdesigning is now become more complex and requires two talents. namely graphic designing and coding...

Graphic designing is very complex and takes years to master. moreover you have to be talented to excel and no book teaches you how..

Coding is far simpler and with the available tools, the job becomes easy. Again, books are available but you learn from experience.

I suggest that you take a job in a DTP bureau or a graphic design firm and then progress upwards. Read books, but practical knowledge is the best. with hand-ons training, it will become accustomed to coding and using photoshop.

After a year of experience, you will understand that learning technology is only 1% of your efforts, it will not matter if u use html or xhtml... but is the end product that has to look saleable

Go for it!

Guys... Thankyou...

Thanks for the advice and encouragment. It was very valuable.

First you need to be very thorough with your basic in HTML and CSS both, then you can start learning simultneously with XHTML and HTML5, next is javascript till advance. Then if you feel you can cover other language, then c#, next very vast), joomla, perl and anyother languages.

If you want creating a website you should know html and css.
these two things are used to creating a static website only.

But if you want creating dynamic webpages you should know Php or javascript and jquery.

you want learn and pactice of these things visit given sites:

Visit w3schools and watch the youtube tutorials to begin your carrer in web page designing

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