please share about the above topic to update my knowledge in seo because i am new to this field..

How can you be new if you need an update? Curious as to the logic.

SEO means search engine optimization. There are two parts of SEO. On page optimization and off page optimization. In on page optimization we do changes on website and in off page we do link building for website.

In SEO, submission process like directory submissions, forum submission , press release submission etc is only for creating backlinks and getting the traffic on our website.

sumission is just to add to any site but always keep as per topic where you would submit your links. I recommend make 150 words an article because some place you need to add article on article submission directories.

you can submit to directories search engines etc.. but the best way to get noticed is to have high PR links pointing to your website, that way your webpage will gte picked up naturally by the search engines, indexed too... without a submission process!

thanks for your sharing sir can you explain me how to submit it in directory search engines i can't understand what you are coming to say.please clear my doubt