So i have a Tao Tao 49cc scooter/moped and its a blast. I got for my 18 birthday. I have already wrecked it three times and it hasn't been a year yet.

Did you buy it yourself or get it as a gift? When you have to pay for it yourself then you'll be a little more careful.

No it was a gift. All damages done to it i paid my self. My dad help as much as he could though but it had to go to the shop.

I have already wrecked it three times and it hasn't been a year yet.

So you don't take care of your things. Your parents must be so proud.

Maybe if i give you a run down if my wrecks. First wreck i was riding home from work thats Half hour away and It was one in the morning. I was tired and worn out. I fell asleep and swerved into a field where i wiped out hit the ground bounced up did ahead dive and then hit the ground again and skipped like a rock across the ground. Second wreck was on the way to work and this is one was a beginners mistake, but at the time i was a beginner. I went around a curb too fast when the roads were wet. I slid . Got up and went to work. Third wreck. On the way home again from work. It was one in the morning again i was going about 40 when i came upon something big in the road, in which case i swerved to avoid it and slid again. That one left scars on my arm from road rash. I have had to ride in terrible storms where it was pouring and i had to ride on rides where the water came up to midway up my tires. I HAD NO CHOICE.

I used to ride a scooter when I was 16. My first was a Piaggio NRG 50cc but a lady pulled out on me, I hit the side of her car at nearly 30mph, flipped over the car, rolled an slid down the road. I did both of my knees and the scooter was a write-off.

Second scooter was a Peugeot Vivacity, a fella pull out on a roundabout on me and I hit the side of his car but I had managed to slow down enough to only leave a dent in his door. I also dropped it going around a corner in the rain because the car in front of me slammed on (pressing the breakes on a corner is never a good idea, never mind in the wet), but I only lay the bike down and carried on running across the road.

You need to be more careful, you're not in a big metal cage. By the sounds of it you already know how it feels to bin it.

Got my full bike lisence now though so can't wait to get bike and get out!

If there's one takeaway from this thread, it's that scooters aren't safe. You hear that, parents? Don't get your kids a scooter.

Scooters are not as fatal as the "crotch rockets" most teens around here drive.

Scooters are safe only if you have safety stuff like a helmet also i suggest wearing a safety vest to increase visibility.

Naaahhhhhh scooters and bikes are safe if everyone pays propper attention.

I have noticed that around campus a lot of coeds drive scooters with helmets on. Maybe the girls are smarter than those mucho guys.

I for one wear a helmet. A boy died about a month a go from hitting a car head on WITHOUT a helmet.

A boy died about a month a go from hitting a car head on WITHOUT a helmet.

Darwin's theory of Survival of the Fittest at work.

Yeah i felt bad for his fajily and him but at the same time he was kind of asking for something bad to happen