Whats everybody's favorite kind of gum

I chew a lot of Stride gums. It seems to last a long time.

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I wish chewing gum was banned everywhere. Pushy companies wanting to spread their 'philosophy' in Singapore. It should be funny, but I can't bring myself to smile. Big business backed by the US gov't. What was the phrase? "Even gooks got a right to chew gum" (not my quote).


Liked it better before they "improved" it a couple years ago.

Hate the stuff! It makes everywhere look scruffy as hell, it gets every where and there's too many people who sound like a camel when they're eating it!

I got it stuck to my shoe twice last week.

I don't want to hear people chomping, it don't want to see what people are eating and I 100% don't want have to scrape it off what ever clothing it gets on, just brush your teeth or eat smint!

Screw it I'm moving to Singapour!

I like 5 gum...