As you guys know, I've been putting a LOT of focus and energy lately on building up the community. With the recent changes to the homepage, member profiles, etc., do you like the direction we're headed in? Any suggestions??

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Profiles a lot cleaner. But social icons are far too big. Skype icon? Disjointed if you have icon for some and not other socials.

Also the mix of rounded stuff, square corners and totally rounded badges looks like a mish-mash. Design needs to be more consistent. 2p.

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I was actually meaning for this thread to be about the concepts of putting a heavier focus on community, but I won't turn down UI feedback! :) Social media info are icons if there is a profile for them to link to, and just text if it's Skype/AIM/ICQ/etc where it's just a username you need to look up in a third-party application.


MySkype.info is not affiliated with Skype, and the information it gave me about my account was wrong.

Member profiles now have a new Activity Streams tab. Additionally, my question just pertains to focusing on community in general and the direction that I'm headed in ... with respect to greater emphasis on avatars everywhere, the new activity stream being the main attraction on the homepage, our live chat feature that's been out awhile, our reskinning from a few months back, etc.

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