Hey guys,

So first of all, after lots of job hunting I finanly got an interview and a call this morning telling me that I got the job. I'm going to be working as a Junior Developer.

This is my first IT job, and don't know what the enviroment is like working with in a team of developers. I'm sure it's natuaral to be very anxious about all of this, but are there any "code of ethics" in the IT workplace?

Any tips you can throw at me? How was your first day in the industry?

Thanks guys!

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Every business is different, so your experience may not be the same as someone else's. That being said, here are some things to expect:
1. Your machine/workstation will probably not be completely configured. Expect to spend time doing some setup work.
2. Your login will probably not have all the connectivity and/or permissions you need for your various tasks. Expect to spend some time working with your network admins.
3. You will probably be partnered with a veteran team member to help you with the above.
4. Learn where the bathrooms are, where the coffee machine is, where your boss sits, where the lunchroom is, where the office supply cabinet is, where the department secretary (or "Administrative Assistant") sits. Not technical I know, but very necessary.
5. Keep copious notes ON PAPER to refer to. You will be able to discard them after the first week, but until then you want to note down everything you can about your computing environment...peoples' names and titles, network directories, servers, etc.

As a hoary-headed veteran of many job changes over the years, I can definitively state that you will probably get no real productive work done by yourself on your first day. Be flexible and open minded.

And, no matter what, DON'T GET COCKY. It will piss off the senior folks. :)

I agree with BitBlt's comments, furthermore don't be surprised if you are there a week and haven't contributed too much. I was in training for about a month before I started doing actual work, although this may not be typical.

Don't worry too much about anything, people know that it's a TON to take in initially and that you will probably forget most the names and faces on that first day.

Setting up your computer/workstation is definitely a much larger task than would seem possible initially, there are always programs to install, permissions to gain for those programs, and dozens of other minuscule tasks that eat up tons of time (setting up email).

Overall, keep a cool head, understand that you will not know everything (and shouldn't be expected to), and ask for help when you need it: it's much better to look silly for 5 seconds than to waste hours trying to solve a problem that others can solve in seconds.

Best of luck to you!

Dean_Grobler how is your job going on?

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