Hi, I am doing B Tech in computer science and Engineering Now doing final year. I want more intrest for entering into the caeer of NETWORKING. And I want to make the certifications of CISCO. Please give me the guidance on how to do the certification of CISCO and how the prepatation should be, and give me the guidance for me to enter NETWORKING

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Networking is definitely a good field to be in, you would be making a very wise decision. The most common ones are CCNA1, CCNA2, CCNA3 and CCNA4. Those are the ones you usually start out with and can be done at any places. I'm not too sure if there are any entry level or "preliminary" stages if you will for networking but those are the basics. From there on it only gets more professional. Hope this helps.

1. Read
2. Practice what you read
3. Get dunps(past questions) for the CCNA certifications so you can know what the questions look like and prepare yourself.


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