There are lots of reasons why I could say bah humbug today, but the primary one right now is aimed squarely at the spammers who seem to think that there will be nobody at DaniWeb to deal with their crap. Wrong. Happy xmas spamming losers, another day of your life wasted...

Little do they know that we geeks don't let mere holidays keep us from Daniweb. ;)

Xmas is the version that takes the Christ out of Christmas and turns it into a non-demonational, non-religous simply festive national holiday.

Xmas is the version that takes the Christ out of Christmas

Actually, no -- xmas was the original spelling of Christ.

the "X" comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός which comes into English as "Christ".[2]

I was going to downvote Happygeek for his Humbug comment until I read his reason for saying it -- then I agreed with him. Bah Humbug to the spammers :)

And it's been used for several hundred years and is no way associated with any bogus conspiracy theory about some non-existant war on Christmas. And I am tired of having this conversation every Christmas.

Xmas is the version that takes the Christ out of Christmas

I heard that from someone else on the forums a few days ago.

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Heh heh. Xmas = Kiss-mas and lots of them to all of you ;)

Xmas is the version that takes the Christ out of Christmas

This has already been discussed on another thread, but we shouldn't try to do this IMO. Those who believe in it, carry on, those of us who don't can dwell on the ludicrosity of it, or even the fact that Christ's followers usurped the Winter Solstice to peg their own religion onto it. Atheists can carry on celebrating this time of year with our secular, evil materialistic customs, thereby further eroding the Word. Win-win. :)

I think Ebenezer Scrooge is the only one I've ever heard say the phrase "bah humbug", and then only in reference to the celebration of the Christmas season. Charles Dickens is the author who made that phrase famous. AFAIK it is never used for any other purpose today, at least not where I live.

And I am tired of having this conversation every Christmas

Then change your ways and you won't get to tired :)

It's not the ranting I'm getting tired of. It's just having to repeat the same rant. I like a little variety ;-) Enjoy your champaigne, AD, and I hope you have an enjoyable New Year. I'll drink a toast to your good health.

My Jewish leathersmith friend put up a sign in his shop each year saying "Keep the X in Xmas" but then he is still awaiting the savior (or he would be if he wasn't an atheist). A lot of people are outraged at the commercialization of the day (Christ should be in your heart, X should be in your wallet). I by force of habit and reciprocity, buy chocolate for each of my family members just so I have something to exchange. This year is the first year that I am single for Xmas (last year she had not moved out yet but we were breaking up). My poor kitty has a serious ear infection - it appears to be fungal and may permanently damage her balance but she is such a love. Her name is Freya but I call her Golden Goddess because she is black with gold tourtousshell markings.

Happy New Year to all

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