I just realized that www.paypal.com Pr is now 0

whats up?

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How did you get that? My checking gave me PR 9.

If you use the FF toolbar thingy then it always gives 0 or N/A.

who cares about that bunch of fraudsters?

I just realized that I forgot I had left some money in my Paypal account. I'm richer than I thought I was!

Well, closer to achieving zero net worth, anyway...

Take a look at the interest PP pays! 4.73% is incredible when compared to the local brick and mortar!

Sorry, this isn't the Thrifty thread is it??!!

Even with such high interest on their money market accounts, I am scared keeping a lot of money in my PayPal balance. First of all, they acknowledge that your money is not protected by the FDIC. Second of all, I've heard too many horror stories about PayPal freezing people's accounts.

Paypal PR is 9


I think you're visiting the secure site (https:) as opposed to the standard http://www.paypal.com. Secure shows 0/10 while standard shows 9/10. Maybe you logged out and were directed to the secure site and saw the PR?

Yes you are absolutely correct

yeh you gotta be a bit careful with paypal, although I must say i've had no problems with them

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