Hey guys,

i completed my Bachelors in Computer Application 2 years back. i was bad in programming. and i am planning to do a Master course this year. US is a prefarable destination. but i am still confused in taking a decision on which course to go with. i want to remain in the IT field and i am done with programming. Can anyone suggest a good Masters programme ? I would be grateful for the help, Please

If you are interested in how IT relates to business, I suggest Management Information Systems.

sir, does it include any programming subjects ? (if possible, can you suggest some good colleges in US which offers this ?)

Typically the MIS track focuses on how IT supports the business. There is usually exposure to programming, but nothing like a computer science degree. When I went through my MIS program, 50% of the classes where business related, but with focus on IT topics, and the other 50% where related to systems design, web development, database systems, etc.. We were exposed to some light programming in the web development related courses such as Java and ASP.NET. If you are interested in a University in the US, I would say to simply start researching online. This is a pretty common degree so depending on where you want to go, you can find a reputable University with this program.

thanks a lot sir. this really helped. Bless ya

I think the best choices are:

  1. ERP
  2. Project Management
  3. MIS