The following is an explanation of our rewards system. Does it make sense? How can I reword it to be clearer and more concise? (I'd like to send this out in an email to everyone and have it make sense.)

We get lots of traffic, and servers are expensive, so we're running a donation drive to meet our expenses.

But, then we thought that it's you guys who make us who we are in the first place. So we want to return the favor. And that's how our Rewards Points system was born.

Here's how it works. If you have a question, please tick the little Donation checkbox on the Contribute New Article page and donate only $1. Donating gives you better, quicker answers to your questions. You get an awesome badge next to all your posts and every article that you start gets a featured priority listing. That means any question you ask is more likely to be seen right away and by the right people. You can't beat that.

Here's where it gets interesting, though. When an expert helps you to solve your sponsored question, they make money. The more people who vote on their answer, the more money they make. So, in other words, there's a big pot. People who donate contribute to the pot, and people who help the people who donate earn money from the pot.

As an expert, not only can you make an unlimited amount of money posting in sponsored discussions, but you can also make money by posting in discussions started by community members with a lot of system kudos of their own, too. This is because I want our members who might not give their money, but certainly do give a significant amount of their time helping others, to also get the best answers when they're the ones with the questions for a change. And for this, I pay the answerers out of my own pocket.

That means that the more you invest in the community, the more money you make, the more respect you gain in the community, and the more incentive you give others to help you out when you're the one with the questions.

Check out your Rewards Points Earning Report and cash out today!

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How about:

Get paid to answer questions on DaniWeb

The DaniWeb community is all about sharing information and helping each other, so we though it would be nice to reward that effort with more than just reputation points and sense of doing good. Welcome to the DaniWeb Rewards Points system where answering questions and helping others can earn you cash.

Here's how it works.

When asking a question please tick the 'Donation' checkbox on the 'Contribute New Article' page and donate only $1. Donating gives you quicker answers to your questions as they get a priority featured listing. It also kicks the rewards points system into action, with your donation forming the pot from which those who answer get paid. When answering a 'sponsored' question, the members involved make money, it's that simple. The more people who vote on their answers, the more money they make. You can also earn reward points by posting in discussions started by community members with a lot of system kudos. Members who contribute time and energy to help others earn system kudos, and they can get priority help without making a donation; DaniWeb will pay the answerers for their help.

So, the more you invest in the community, the more money you can make. Check out your Rewards Points Earning Report to see how much you could cash out today!


Looks good, apart from the sub-heading:

We run a monthly donation drive. And then we share the wealth.

I would lose the 'And' and go with 'Then we share the wealth.'


I know that's not correct grammar but I kind of wanted it to read as, "We run a monthly donation drive." <The end> <Long Pause> ... "And then we share the wealth."

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