As you guys may already know, we have our own IRC network at irc://irc.daniweb.com - Visit www.daniweb.com/chat/ for more details.

What I would like to do is start holding regularly scheduled chat sessions, perhaps monthly, or if the chat grows large, and I can get a bunch of people to help run them, perhaps as much as once daily. (We do have 85,000 members after all)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Cool. Chat sessions on what topics? I have been to IRC chat a few times, but there were not much users, and the ones online didn't reply. :sad:


I think a regular scheduled talk would be nice... maybe you could specify a topic ahead of time. I can see that what you have done so far has improved traffic to the IRC network - we saw more chat in the last few days than we have for a very long time.

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