As I don't seem to be able to upload an excel file I send a list(tab separated) of all the words hitherto.
My new word:


Member	Word	Total members responding			

mattster	tool	17			

mattster	fool	Unique members	Number of replys		

JorgeM	foot	mattster	9		

almostbob	font	JorgeM	4		

JorgeM	wont	almostbob	8		

almostbob	wort	ddanbe	13		

ddanbe	port	Aish_14	12		

JorgeM	post	deceptikon	1		

almostbob	most	DistantGalaxy	1		

mattster	moat	Hiroshe	7		

Aish_14	meat	Slavi	10		

almostbob	peat	Mat 1	1		

ddanbe	peas	yeyo 1	1		

Aish_14	pear	ChrisHunter	2		

ddanbe	near	diafol	4		

deceptikon	rear	ashleywoodliff	1		

almostbob	tear	nullptr	2		

JorgeM	sear	oussama_1	2		

DistantGalaxy	star	NathanOlivier	1		

Hiroshe	scar		20		

ddanbe	scan		20		

almostbob	scat		20		

ddanbe	scut		20		

Aish_14	scum		20		

Hiroshe	slum		20		

Slavi	slim				

almostbob	slip				

ddanbe	slap				

Slavi	soap				

Aish_14	soak				

Hiroshe	sock				

Slavi	sick				

ddanbe	silk				

Mat 1	silt				

yeyo 1	salt				

Hiroshe	malt				

almostbob	male				

Aish_14	maze				

mattster	daze				

Slavi	dare				

ChrisHunter	fare				

Slavi	care				

Hiroshe	cane				

mattster	came				

ChrisHunter	same				

ddanbe	name				

Aish_14	game				

diafol	lame				

Slavi	fame				

ddanbe	fate				

diafol	fake				

Slavi	sake				

Aish_14	sane				

ashleywoodliff	sake				

Slavi	bake				

ddanbe	baks				

Hiroshe	bats				

Slavi	bate				

mattster	rate				

Aish_14	mate				

mattster	male				

Slavi	sale				

Aish_14	sole				

nullptr	bole				

ddanbe	bold				

mattster	sold				

Hiroshe	fold				

Aish_14	hold				

ddanbe	cold				

diafol	colt				

Aish_14	bolt				

oussama_1	boat				

NathanOlivier	coat				

nullptr	coot				

Aish_14	cool				

mattster	coal				

oussama_1	goal				

diafol	foal				

ddanbe	foam
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