I saw this article in search engine land on duckduck Go. Well according to what I read, this will be the new feature that Apple will launch in their ios8. To my understanding, it is Apple search engine. I wonder if this new search engine will have any impact in SEO?

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New? Duck Duck Go has been around for many years now. Nothing to do with Apple.

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New? Duck Duck Go has been around for many years now. Nothing to do with Apple.

Been using it off and on for more than a year.

Many more than that here Rev.

I'm very pleased with DuckDuckGo. I use it every day and can highly recommend this service.

It is my personal belief that we should not let one company rule the world. Google is already far too powerful now.

I avoid Microsoft products whenever I can. I like alternatives. In accordance with this policy, DuckDuckGo seems like a decent choice to me.

Just my 5 Cents.

It came with one of the Linux Webbrowsers.

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I used it on and off for a while.
It's not quite as fast as google or bing though, imho.

Also, the results seem to be a bit weird, especially when you're searching for something code releated.

The problem with Google is that they keep track of who is searching for what. Let's say you are looking for a brand of shoe, soon after you get shoe sales sending you e-mails.

Only if you are logged in to Google. If you don't log in then they can't associate your search terms with a particular user.

Here is a french site which goal is to ungooglize internet. It is a non-profit organization supporting free software.

If anyone is interested, the creator of Duck Duck Go was interviewed here

DuckDuck Go is even included in the PALE MOON browser