Hello everybody,

                Can anyone please sugguest me how to bring any website at top position of any search engine. Please provide me the steps. 

Thanks in advance

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onpage optimization is the first important...
3.keyword density
5.unique content

after that you do little off page and do more socail networking..
it will be simple to get position only (not on top 1 page and first position)

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First makee sure the on page optimization is done based on google guidelines.In terms of link building,content marketing has to be implemented in order to gain traffic and increase backlinks so that the keywords can get better ranking positions

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If you want your website at top position in search engine you need your website on page optimization well for google guidelines and you need quality back for your website.


First, clear your on page optimization. Write proper meta tag keyword, tite and description in specific range.
Write useful and descriptive content for each page.
Creat XML sitemap and robots.txt file and place it in root directory and submit on SE by webmaster tool.
Generate quality backlinks form off page activities.


complete on page task of your website. submit a xml sitemap as well as robots. txt.

do the off page submission to enlist your website in search engine.

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now a days it is very difficult to rank high in serp as google have changed its link building techniques, as far as onpage is considered write good title, meta tags and description, upload a sitemap(to index each of your inner pages), do not stuff too much of keyword on your website.

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