Currently working for the project Vedishop. the website were optimized for the keyword Buy Crackers Online.

review my website and suggest me for better seo optimization

code compliant sites rank higher in SER, the bots browse easier, and deeper.
The site functions great, on all my devices, but is too big for phone data plans,
I use these standard(s) test sites, they may assist you

speed examine sprites for small images icons logos,
html standards
handheld standards
css2 standards
css3 standards

handheld device emulators
ipad :: iphone
second ipad :: second iphone
android :: tablets
second android :: blackberry (they still exist)

Other Browser/Os combinations other browsers

serious problems (if any present) will show: code errors in the w3c validator sites may produce blankscreens in browsershots (other browsers link)

Valid code does not ensure the site will work ...
Invalid code does ensure the site will not work ... .. in all browser OS combinations

not all layouts work in handheld devices
examine css @media handheld { }
& simplify the style and layouts for small devices

fixed size elements do not work in any device except the screen they were designed on, current best practice is em or % for layout, scalar quantities that auto-adjust to window size, screen resolution, user preference, device capability

Redirects to mobile subdomains, and or mobile specific css files, with small simple pages for phones and tablets is easy to accomplish, and if you separate content from layout, you can use the same content on all subdomains, with just simplified layout (images and scripts and css) for less capable devices

strictly code based, you understand(care about) your content more than I do

ONE OF THE BEST sitemap generators to get your site into your google webmaster account

Use proepr image. Also make your content creative by adding some sub titles and bullet points in the content.

You gotta' be joking. This web site has nothing to do with buying crackers. The pages appear to be for a fireworks store or some other odd intent. The keyphrase "Buy Crackers Online" is so uncompetitely searched that if you can impress someone by getting a silly page to rank for it then you'll be a pretty good salesman but it won't impress me much.

in much of the world,
former British Empire colonies, India, Pakistan, Africa, Pacific rim
fireworks are called crackers

"...fireworks are called crackers..."

oh my is this awkward. hey how ya' been almostbob? ya. so for all you folk reading this thread and saw my earlier response, please negate it as I haven't a clue what I was thinking. crackers. wow man cracked myself up laughing at myself. major oops on that one Freddy boy. ok. time to go now ... pretend I'm working

is actually a real SEO guru and his opinions outside of fireworks, are gold
"really really"

drinking coffee,
quietly laughing

Add some quality image and make it more appealing.

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