What is new trends in SEO 2013?

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There are number of thing which you should add in new seo trends and for that first of all try to improve quality of content.

Content is the main part in seo. And some new trends are :
Author Authority
Link Trundle
Web 2.0 submission
Rich Snippets
Responsive design for mobiles
Video optimization

Link earning is the new trend in SEO and reputation building.

I really impressed with your answer AbhirkaSharma.

Content is the main part in SEO. It's play a vital role in your SEO efforts. So, Content must be unique.
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Now content on your website is very important part. Content must be original and quality content. Also some there are some new link building techniques.

Thanks...SEO Onpage optimization helps in bringing first page ranking easily if we do it carefully.
On page Techniques:
Website analyse
keyword analyse
keyword research...

Web 2.0 and Guest blog posting this are the latest and effective trends in SEO.

what is meant by link trundle and rich snippets can you explain me briefly

I got an answer forlink trundle, it is combination of web2.0 and guest posting right??

Search Engine optimisation is that the most wizard however a mystical science within the ever-growing development of the planet Wide net. Providing results to the human and machine bound queries plays a key role in business ways all round the globe. so as to face the competition exhibit by each the opponents and therefore the updates accommodated by the computer program firms, we actually have to be compelled to follow many important reforms to remain up in computer program rankings.

In the past year the computer program large Google enforced 2 vital updates Panda and sphenisciform seabird, to ameliorate its powerful looking and categorization algorithms. This created a tumbling drop of the many sites that didn't suit the new conventions.

That pointed towards the seo ranking of meager quality sites like content mills, link farms to rock bottom and offers additional preferences to websites containing superior quality of content.

Google’s spiders were altered within the means that they reviewed a web site, providing them with higher rankings based mostly solely on the prevalence, accuracy and normal of the content with social media engagement. The static sites that were truly well written and developed witnessed a fast fall within the rankings tho' they're full of appropriate seo links and seo keywords.

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