SEO experts told if website designed by responsive web design means that website could easily get a good result in Search Engine and user friendly to Search Engine.How Responsive Web Design will be user friendly to Search Engine?

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A responsive design means the website layout looks great with all form factors ... from smart phones, to tablets, to desktops, to high resolution desktops. This increases the usability factor, which leads to people spending more time on your site and not bouncing away, which is a factor that Google takes into consideration when ranking your site. Additionally, because Google will see your site is optimized for all screen resolutions, they'll send you traffic from all devices.

Yeah. i agree with dani. Responsive web design completly fit with desktop, smartphone, tablets with high resolution that gives user to better accessibility.

Responsive websites helps to increase traffic and boost visiblities. Also, Google favors responsive websites on the grounds that substance that lives on one site and one URL is much less demanding for clients to impart, communicate with, and connection to than substance that lives on a different portable webpage.

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