time to time google announce new updates, all web master will have to aware about latest update. now penguin 3.0 is going to come. we have to more focus on branding and pharses to maintain our website reputation.

this is a bit confusing - are you asking or telling us what the new update is?

There has been an update noticed over the past week - but involves a lift in big brands and their links

What is algorithm of pengiun 3.0 ???

Google Begins Rolling Out Panda 4.0 Now

dont know that the website will improve or it will be decrease

Panda 4.0. Panda is designed to remove low-quality content from Google's search results.

Google Panda 4.0 has already come recently, we have new things to learn now.

well, like other said the next recent update was Google Panda 4.0 and that too is rolled out a week ago. I think you are a bit late outdated !!

Google Panda update .40 was released on 20 may.The main ojective of that update was to lover the serps of website having low quality/duplicate content.

Google rolled out panda 4.0 on 20th May 2014. Many websites got affected with new penda update.

Google will tell you exactly what they want you to do

Sign up for google webmaster tools
verify site ownership (instructions on the tools page)
submit sitemap (instructions on the tools page)
wait a few days for results, go to your google webmaster page and follow the instructions to improve your site.

Google banned forever those site who have duplicate content and backlinks generated in unnatural ways or not follow webmaster guidelines.

Google pushed out their revised Panda Algorithm code-named Panda 4.0. Panda is designed to remove low-quality content from Google's search results.

nice to read some strategy here, maybe i try this, i am new in SEO thats why i click this thread to learn new, Panda 4.0. i am interesting this kind of strategy.....

Why is everyone talking about Panda 4.0? I thought this thread was about Penguin. I'm confused.

Yes, webmaster are expecting the new Penguin update. But yesterday update is "Google To Warn Searchers When A Mobile URL Redirects To The Homepage"


The new update is Panda 4.0. In this, Google confirmed a major Panda update that likely included both an algorithm update and a data refresh. Officially, about 7.5% of English-language queries were affected.

Hello webmasters,
Google Panda has beedn updated and preventing duplicate profile with spammy backlinks and duplicate content also.

Yes, the new update is sweeping the search engines for duplicate and syndicated contents. But there are some sites that reportedly benefited from this update, especially those who have quality content.

Some days ago, there was a google panda update rolled out, and hit the thin content. Ebay got aproximately 33%.

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