This is just for fun and just get to knwo everybody a little bit better. Plus I am little proud of what I drove. I am a horrible driver but I do drive a little 49cc Tao Tao scooter. I mostly drive it to work which is about 10 to 15 miles away form my house. My question is what do you guys drive and if you love it or not.

I drive the opel vectra 1998, 2 litter diesel, 74 kW.

Kind of ok car, good thing that the parts are not expensive, because there are lot of such cars.

And does not look very terrible, but also its not looking like something making you stand out of the crowd which I miss little bit.

The rear windows are tinted so it is at least little bit standing out of the mass.

A 15 year old Mazda Bongo Japanese import van. They started life as a MPV with 8 seats, but as the seats all fold flat to form a bed and there's an option for an automatic rising roof with room to sleep 2 more they became a popular camper van project. Mines currently a dayvan as it's a tintop (no raising roof) but will be getting a rear kitchen fitted over the winter, unless I convert it to LPG instead which will eat all my budget for the moment.

A Landrover Defender 90, TD5 - a 2.5 litre turbo engine. It's just fun and outdorsy :)

Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 for the last 4 years which I'm selling because I don't use it much anymore :(

I now ride a Suzuki SV650 SK8 in blue which is why I don't use my car anymore. Always wanted a bike, even over a car, I can't get enough of it.

GSZR700 or BMW HP4 RR next! or a van to convert like @HappyGeek is doing.

I don't know... there just isn't anything like riding on a bright sunny spring day or even a crisp cool autumn day. Hitting those country roads and just giving all she's got.

Snow, deer and mountains make a Jeep 4x4 about the best thing to drive.

I do not drive any vehical because I do not have any :)

My 1997 Dodge Ram pickup truck still runs pretty well, but the rust is getting to it.

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2003 Renault Scenic. God awful car. Was the wife's. I'd trade it in for a unicycle if I didn't have kids. :(

I have 2 Toyotas: a Prius, great great great hybrid car ! and an Aygo.

Snow, deer and mountains make a Jeep 4x4 about the best thing to drive.

hmm, my dad had one. Traded it in for a Range Rover to save on fuel and maintenance bills.
Thing uses about a quarter the fuel that Jeep did, and cheaper spares as well (in part because they don't have to be shipped from across the Atlantic I know).

I'll drive anything that agrees with my back and is affordable :)

3 Toyota Camrys: 2000, 2006 (Solara 2 door) and 2010 Hybrid.
All very reliable. Hybrid gets pretty good gas mileage for a fairly large car (35+ mpg in the summer). It has a lot of technology in it but Toyota engineers did a really good job so it doesn't break easily.

@gribouillis... although I'm not a big fan of priuses they are good little cars.. no hard feelings I hope

Toyota had an awful lot of recalls lately. I almost got a used Prius until I read what a battery replacement would cost.

In a Prius, there is a small battery which is the same as in other cars and cost the same price. I changed it only once. There is also a huge battery for the hybrid system, but you never change it.

Toyota gives a factory warranty of 8 years for the Prius nickel hydride battery pack. The replacement past this period will cost you about $3,000. So, watch out when you buy an old used Prius.

2005 Kia Pregio camper conversion
Kia sportage 4wd
Suzuki sierra 4wd buggy modded:BIG float wheels no roof, gun positions, for; bore running, feral animal reduction
Nissan 4wd wagon
Isuzu 4wd ute
Jeep 4wd
Chev Colorado 4wd ute
Great wall ute
Series 2 Landrover
72 corolla modded:5L v8 six speed inline, fast, steers like sh_t
mazda RX3
Harley sportster
Honda vf 750
Honda cbx
yamaha 450 quad
5 250 quads
tricked up racing lawnmower
bell 47
bell uh1b

benefits of a roadhouse in the bush, plenty of fuel.,
looks like I'm a bit of a rev head, , , ,
never gonna have one,
the bush will kill it,
corrugations in the roads here make the batteries fall through the floor
the cars arent bad, the roads are

Oh yeah left out
mercedes 2926 heavy Tow truck <- used it to collect only prius Ive ever seen

mercedes 2955 heavy water tanker

speed limts in the Territory are
60 in town,
130 on local roads,
unlimited on highways,
lots of interstate vehicles crap out in the 600km between us and the border, make a fortune towing them into Tennant to get repaired.

I could go for Rheinmetall Boxer.
Just waiting until the hybrid comes out.

I bought 2002 Golf, 4 or 5 years ago then I moved abroad and never got the chance to use it properly ;(