i have two hard drive both have windows 7...is it possible to put it in 1 computer?please help

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Please explain what you want to do with them, except whether or not you can put them both in 1 computer. The answer to that is "of course". One will be the system/boot drive. The other a data drive, unless you instruct the BIOS to boot from the second drive.

i want to dual boot them...is it possible?both windows 7?

both of them have some important files...so i dnt want to delete/format 1 of them...

my problem is when i install my second hard drive my pc got restart automatically when i turn it on...

you would be better off using one of this ,i have one for a few years now and it works great
thermaltake blackX

dear sir,
    Set Your first harddrive in the first boot device you want to requred select in the BIOS Menu in the "Boot manu"

Press F12 when the system starts to boot.
it will give an option from which drive to boot. Simple, select the drive or media to boot from....

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