I had a trusty external hard drive for many years, it was a 500gb Seagate which worked fine up until the other day when the internal port for the mini usb detatched from the board and I was left w/ no way to connect it to my laptop..
Seagate failed to help me at all and external sources directed me to get another enclosure for the hard drive which I finally found @ my local Staples here in town..

It is an I/O Magic 3.5" USB 2.0 Enclosure (Works w/ IDE & SATA) I thought I was saved..:D
When I got it home I was able to figure out the assembly and got it powered up and so I thought that I was good to go..
There was no installation cd and the directions stated to simply plug it into my USB port and the laptop would do the rest.. but I got nothing.. not even a blurb on the screen and so I was sad.. :(

I have tried some of the trouble shooting techniques listed online as well as w/ IO/Magic's insert to no avail.. (not that I really know what I am doing anyways :/ but I tried) I can get other items to work via my USB ports (there are three of them) but not the hard drive..

If anyone can direct me into getting this to work I would be greatful..
or as an alternative if someone can point me to a better method of retrieving my good from this hard drive perhaps..??

I have had no luck getting support from IO/Magic despite their good reviews online for customer service..
not even a phone call back yet.. pft!

I am using Windows7 64-bit on a Sony VAIO VGN-NW350F

Thank you in advance gentlemen,


What do you mean by "internal port for the mini usb detatched from the board"? What is the model number of the broken drive?

Normally this sucks that really made me sad.
Way back in january i was formatting my external 1tb hdd and the power went out oh wait stuff this HDD so i gave it to my mom nothing but then i try this program called Ease Us partition pro and i got my 1tb back sadly it died bcauz i dropped it 3 months ago

so did you get the data back finaly ?

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