Lenovo Y480,
Win 8.1.

Last month a Malware Bytes update started cannibalizing my system, quarantining over 600 driver files, .dlls and assorted stuff.
(Earlier part of that story here.

I tried to undo everything, and in the process uninstalled MBAM, thereby deleting the quarantined files. My system is full of holes, and won't do odd things, like recognise external USB hard drives or thumb drives. There are no system restore points prior to the problem.
This is a problem for me, because my laptop came without a system restore disc. I took the precaution of making a system restore image on a USB stick - but now the computer won't recognize the stick. It blings and registers something's being plugged in, but the drive won't show in finder.

MBAM solved the problem with an update, but despite their assertions that they want to help restore my system, they haven't done anything. The thread on this was closed on their support site, but no further support was forthcoming after they closed it. (See Here).

Any help getting my device to recognize my external USB stick would be appreciated. I'm in conversation with Microsoft to see if they can send me some kind of recovery media. Will update as that conversation develops.

I pinged Microsoft, and b/c I have an OEM Windows Product ID, they can't give me media. I have to provide a product key, which didn't come with my laptop, apparently. I have to contact Lenovo to get one, which might cost me to get, since it's now out of warranty.

If MBAM staff cannot recover all your quarantined files, then I won't bother even thinking about it.
Query: can your machine recognise/load a dvd, read its files? If so, you could transfer your image files from UFD to dvd.
ImgBurn could do that.

Did you try booting into safe mode and accessing your usb device? You could also download a boot cd/dvd and burn it to cd/dvd which you may be able to use to boot your computer and then copy/burn your files from your usb device to a dvd. Ensure your dvd drive works first. If all else fails back up your personal data. If your computer is newer, you may be able to boot from your usb device that contains your os files. You need to change the boot order so the usb device is before the hard drive (in the BIOS).

Thanks guys. The USB wouldn't boot and I finally rang Lenovo. They told me even before the warranty check (which was nice, and unexpected!) that the computer has an inbuilt recovery button to wipe and reinstall the system. Once I used that I was able to reload Acronis Trueimage and then install a system image I made earlier. So, basically back to good operating. I appreciate your help!